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IEP Staff outing
IEP staff meeting
Learning in a fishing village

Interkultural Edukasi Partner (IEP) is a registered Education Institution established by Yayasan Mitra Pengembangan Indonesia (YMPI – Indonesian Partnership Development Foundation). Launched in 2010, IEP has branches in Bandung and in Sulawesi.

​By partnering with Edubiz International, IEP aims to provide highly qualified and experienced teachers and education experts from Australia, along with quality courses and training from Australia, at a reasonable cost to their clients and students within Indonesia.

IEP currently focuses specifically on language acquisition (English, Indonesian, Sundanese), with an allied emphasis on socio-cultural understanding and exchange. IEP also offers special expertise in teaching English within the health services sector, such as needed by doctors, nurses and hospital administrators.

The classes use an innovative and cutting-edge approach to language teaching and delivery, emphasising practical participation in the real-life situations. IEP provides qualified and thoroughly trained staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.

​Staff outings are held regularly to help in communications and building an effective and unified team.

Edubiz International is partnering with Yayasan Mitra Pengembangan Indonesia (YMPI - Indonesian Partnership Development Foundation) via YMPI’s education provider Interkultural Edfukasi Partner, as well as YMPI’s environmental protection and social development organisation Peduli Ciptaan Indonesia, to broaden and strengthen the range of courses and services YMPI provides.  

These courses and services include language programs, aged care training, information technology, agribusiness, community development and environmental protection.

Being a multi-disciplinary education and training consultancy, Interkultural Edukasi Partner offers a wide range of courses, life skills training programs, and social work.

English Language courses

  • Six Phase Program, General English, English for Special Purposes, IELTS, TOEF

Indonesian Language courses

  • Six Phase Program: 1-2 years, beginner to advanced levels

Local/Ethnic Language courses

  • Sundanese, Wolio, Cia Cia, also utilising the Six Phase Program

Cross-cultural exchange and training

  • Language immersion programs, cultural awareness training

  • Elderly-Care Training

  • Wound Care Training

IEP logo
Community Development Projects

The Community Workers in Indonesia have created a variety of ways to empower and support the under-privileged in their own community. Below are some of the Projects from the past and present.

Language nurturer training

Language Nurturers are, as the name suggests, those who help with the teaching, encouraging and motivating for our language learners.  We conduct training on a regular basis and have up 6 - 10 participants.  


Some of these participants have had further training and now have work positions. 

language nurturers
Learning English

Learning English

Learning English is very important for these students. It opens fresh opportunities for them as well as helping them grow in self confidence.

They are taught through games like Scrabble, story writing, speaking and the learning is made fun! At the end of the course there is always a celebration.

Students are very enthusiastic to learn. Some have been able to gain employment.

Recycling Materials Course for Women


Women from villages around Baubau joined this course.  The women were predominately those who needed to be able to supplement their household income. Wives of fishermen, or women who for one reason or another were usually confined to home.  


The women learned to sew wallets and purses from used 5-minute noodle packets and other recyclable materials. This required discipline and concentration. These were hand-sewn, so only required easily obtained, and inexpensive tools to make a lasting item.

After the course the ladies were encouraged to return to their village and teach others how to make these items.

Learning to recycle
Learning to be House Helps

House Helper Training

The participants of this training were a mix of married and unmarried women and a range of ages.

Because of their training, many participants have either received a promotion  or have found employment.  

This has been another way to help these people improve their standard of living through training and employment.

Staff and Admin support

As with any community, there needs to be time when the staff and support workers have time to relax and build relationships with each other. This may be through eating meals together, activities and fun outings.

Communication is essential for the ongoing well-being of all staff. These activities help to foster the feeling of team, not isolation.

PD and relaxation for Staff
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